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Chris Pouncy who is coming to do his demo in the workshop on Friday May 13th, has offered to bring personal orders from Sorby and/or Turners Retreat, if he gets them in time.

Orders should be sent DIRECT to Chris Pouncy
Chris Pouncy < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it >
including Broxburn Woodcraft Club and your name.
Please put Broxburn Woodcraft Order in the title so he knows what it's for.

Members will save the P&P charge and as far as Sorby is concerned, orders attract a 10% discount.

Members should order up their own requirements!

Further details:

As you are aware Robert Sorby makes no charge for club demos. We do
however hope to sell some product on the night to help offset the costs
we incur, I usually bring along a small selection of tools for sale.
We have a large catalogue, plus the Turners Retreat catalogue and it is
impossible to bring along everything that your members may wish to buy.
I would therefore be grateful if you could get your members to look at
the catalogues and order any items they want. Hard copies can be sent
to the club on request but there are online catalogues which anybody
can access with a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Any item from the Robert Sorby or Turners Retreat catalogue can be
ordered. You will need to get the order to me 2 weeks before the
event. No P&P charge, discount on Robert Sorby products (10%) no
discount on Turners Retreat products. All I need is a name and the
items required, they will be in individual boxes/bags.

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Shows and Visits - Shows

North of England Woodworking & Power Tool Show, Harrogate

23rd-24th November


If 5.30am might seem antisocial, it didn’t deter a dedicated band setting off for Harrogate in what has now became somewhat of an annual pilgrimage. Good time was made to Harrogate, which unfortunately was also hosting a huge knitting and stitching show so that the final mile and a half took about an hour. Mind you, the traffic getting to the hall was nothing compared to the crowd within, such that movement from stall to stall was a tortuous business. Following on so soon after the Scottish show, not surprisingly perhaps, many of the same things were on display and some of the demonstrations likewise, not that Mark Raby and Tony Wilson are ever less than entertaining. Mark Baker provided useful insights into turning square platters, and apart from raising an eyebrow to the gender of Tracy Owen (something with which I sympathise!) he too provided some useful tips. The crown thinned by lunchtime and access to exhibitors and demonstrations became much easier. Furniture making, pyrography and carving were well represented but the slick making of Windsor chairs was probably my favourite. Several of the local woodcraft clubs had exhibitions and the standard of much of what they had on display was, in modern idiom, stunning. I did not feel that the demonstrations were as well handled as at Ingliston – rather cramped with no video. However, I did enjoy the atmosphere, the demos and of course the excellent meal in Wetherby on the way home!-

Lindsay Sawyer

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Shows and Visits - Shows

My visit to the Wizardry in Wood Exhibition

I have just returned from London to visit the Wizardry in wood exhibition which has had a great influence on my outlook on turning.

The first thing that was evident was the upper class surroundings and the evidence of money in the south. The Exhibition was held in the Carpenters Hall in the City of London. The door was manned by a very upper-class doorman and the exhibition was patrolled by similar personnel. The building was impressive with the wood panelled walls providing a fitting backdrop for the exhibits.

The turners were also impressive with names such as Gabor Lacko, Joey Richardson, Ray Key, Reg Hawthorn, Stuart Mortimer, Les Thorne and many more too many to mention all. My humble name has been added to the record with the acceptance of my candlestick as one to grace the banqueting table. My photograph and CV will go into a leather bound book of the candle sticks and kept as part of the history of turning and the Worshipful Company of Turners.

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Club Nights

We will be holding informal evenings during the last week of each month.  We will vary the night of the week to encourage members to attend and to get to know each other over a coffee and a chat.

What would you like to see at these events?  Is there a hot topic for you, whether it be sharpening, woodcarving, or pyrography.  If you have any suggestions for future events, then please contact Lindsay Sawyer.

We look forward to seeing you.  By all means encourage guests to come along, as well.

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