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Written by Graham Clarkson   
Sunday, 07 November 2010 15:51

Q. Can anyone join the club?

A. The club is primarily intended for residents of Broxburn and the surrounding area of West Lothian, members are also welcome from further afield.

Q. What does membership cost?

A. The  annual fee is £10.  The charge for each session attended is £2.00

Q. Do i have to be an expert to join?

A. No you do not.  A basic knowledge of safety is required.  The sessions are not run as classes, but members do offer help and advice.

Q. Do you only offer woodturning?

A.  This is the biggest section, but all wood related disciplines are encouraged and supported.

Q. Is each session  for a specific discipline?

A. No, whilst some sessions are predominantly wood turning, stick making, or instrument making, any activity can be carried out, if space permits.

Q. Is the club run by the council?

A. No, it is run by an elected committee.  The council has provided considerable grant assistance to purchase capital equipment.

Q. Do you have professional demonstrators attending the club.

A. Yes we do.  Members decide, through the committee who they wish to invite.  We hope to have at least four sessions each year.

Q. Can we get discounts for supplies

A. Yes, discounts are available through Brodies Timber and Just Wood.  We also purchase items in bulk and sell them on to members.


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