Show Winners

Wood Categories Show Results

Category Winner 2nd 3rd
Wood Turning Faceplate Roger Williams Andrew Walker Eddie Elliott
Wood Turning Spindle Ron Beard Frank DiCarlo Graham Hamilton
Wood Turning Novice Steve Rooney Harry Hughes Harry Hughes
Pen Making Roger Williams Roger Williams Grant McReicht
Pyrography Ali Sneddon Andrew Prowse Andrew Prowse
Woodcraft Eddie Elliott Ron Beard Jim Richardson
Woodcraft Novice Eddie Elliott Jim Richardson Jim Richardson
Segmented Willie Watson Robin Sutton Tony King
Scroll Saw Dave Wright Roger Williams Dave Wright
Music Alan Thompson Donnie McPhail Grant McReicht
Club Challenge Callum Wood Lindsay Sawyer Frank DiCarlo
Best in Show Alan Thompson    


Stick Makers


Category Winner 2nd 3rd
Novice Andy Prowse Andy Prowse Andy Prowse
Plain Wood Jim Fraser Jim Peebles Jim Fraser
Fancy Wood Steven Docherty Steven Docherty Jake Bryce
Plain Horn Jim Fraser Jim Fraser Steven Docherty
Fancy Horn Jim Fraser Steven Docherty Matt Smith
Leg Cleek Steven Docherty Steven Docherty Andy Prowse
Any Other Jim Fraser Jake Bryce Jim Fraser
Senior Matt Smith George Bootlands Matt Smith

Congratulations to all our winners and a massive thank you to all members who participated in the show, without your entries the show just could not happen.

With Thanks

Both the members of the board and general members of the club would like to thank both Jim Carden, our retiring Chair and Frank DiCarlo, retiring Vice Chair, for their time and commitment over the past 3 years in these posts.

These posts are not easy to fulfil and at times can be challenging, so it is greatly appreciated.  Without them and the collective passion, intellect, insight, and experience of our board members, our club would not be able to move forward, and continue to provide the service we do for our members.

We wish the best of luck and goodwill to our newly elected Chair Lindsay Sawyer and Vice Chair Dave Willcocks in hope that the great work can continue.


Just a small reminder that all members are invited to attend our Annual General Meeting which will be held tomorrow Friday 18th May 2018 @ 7pm at Strathbrock.

In accordance with our constitution, our Chair Jim Carden and the Deputy Chair Frank DiCarlo cannot offer themselves for reelection as they have served 3 consecutive years in these posts.  In addition our current Treasurer Dave Willcocks is also stepping down from this post. 

At present the following nominations for office bearers for 2018/2019 year have been received:

Chair                     Lyndsay Sawyer

Deputy Chair     Dave Willcocks

Treasurer            Iain Graham

Secretary            Ali Sneddon to remain in post

Volunteers Needed

Due to the popularity of wood turning, we are finding it increasingly difficult to match the small group of experienced members we have that volunteer to mentor, with new members  for their first few visits. 

We need several new volunteers over the whole range of sessions that are willing to donate a session or two to mentor a new member on their road to independent turning. 

Several notices have been placed in the workshop, or you can email the secretary directly if you are willing to have your name added to the mentor list.

The more members we have, and session times where a mentor is available on the list, the easier it will be to reduce the waiting list times for new members, and share the workload more evenly and fairly across our membership.

2018 Club Challenge

The 2018 Club members challenge has landed!

The rules – make whatever you want with the majority of wood in the pack (everyone’s pack is the same)
No additional wood can be used.
You can add limited other materials for decorative or functional purposes, but the finished product has to be predominantly wood.

All entries must be submitted 18th May 2018 for judging at our annual show.

Previous years have produced some spectacular pieces of craftsmanship.

Get your thinking caps on & good luck everyone!!